In the early 1980’s, the were only a few eating establishments in Los Cabos. Luis Bulnes, one of the pioneers of the area and developer of such projects as Solmar and Playa Grande Resorts, brought Raffaelle Di Milo to Cabo San Lucas to open two restaurants, one being Romeo & Julieta. He started with traditional Italian dishes, experimenting to determinate what the public wanted in Italian fare.

Cabo San Lucas is a relatively young community and remaining in business since 1986 is an achievement, providing that whatever they have been doing, they´ve been doing it right. Romeo & Julieta has stood the ravages of the time and in now better than ever, especially since the arrival of Executive Chef Matias Forte. New dishes have been introduced, while maintaining respect for the timeworn dishes that diners have come to expect.

Patrons come from all over the world and most report they have been visiting Cabo San Lucas for many years; Romeo & Julieta is always on their dining list. When asked why, they respond that the minute they talk in the door, they are greeted like family, many times by name and they are always delighted with the food.

Romeo & Julieta has become a cornerstone of Cabo´s dining scene and remains progressive in planning for the future. Music is presented seven nights a week, and the restaurant prides itself in offering special events such as rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, proposals, posadas, birthdays and much more.

Matias Forte, Italian Chef trained in Germany. He had the opportunity to work with not only great Italian chefs, but remarkable chefs from all over the world and at the same time he had the chance to work at distinguished and traditional establishments in Berlin.

His desire for healthy food and good nutrition led him to Mexico and worked as Chef at the Mexican Institute of General Immunology and Immune Oncology A.C.(IMIGIO).

In 2008, The Solmar Group who offered him the opportunity to travel to the great city of Los Cabos, to develop a new phase of the Italian cuisine for this important company.

That is how he started as Chef at El Galeón Restaurant (2009) under the command of the Executive Chef Raffaele Di Maio. A year later he became Executive Chef of Romeo & Julieta Ristorante, where until now he welcomes us to enjoy the combination of traditional Italian food with innovative techniques and flavors of Italy.

Chef Matias Forte