Italian Chef with studies in Berlin, Germany, through IHK Berlin (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin) city where he lived for 10 years, he had the opportunity to work with not only great Italian chefs, but remarkable chefs from all over the world and at the same time he had the chance to work at prestigious and traditional establishments of Berlin.

His inclination for health food and good nutrition led him to Mexico in 2007 and worked as Executive Chef with the prestigious Mexican oncologist Jose Antonio Meneses at the Clinic for patients with cancer and chronic-degenerative diseases of the Mexican Institute of General Immunology and Immune Oncology AC (IMIGIO) in the city of Queretaro.

It was in Queretaro where he met an executive representative of Solmar Group who offered him the opportunity to travel to the great city of Los Cabos, to develop a new phase of the Italian cuisine of the corporate along with the so famous Italian Executive Chef Raffaele di Maio.

That’s how he starts as chef of Galeon Restaurant under the command of Executive Chef Raffaele di Maio to later on become Executive Chef of Romeo & Julieta Ristoranti where, until today, he allows us to keep enjoying of a combination of traditional Italian food with innovating flavors of Italy and the world.