Matias Forte. Italian-born Executive Chef Matias Forte received his gastronomical training in Germany. He had the opportunity to work with not only great Italian chefs, but remarkable chefs from all over the world and at the same time he had the chance to work at distinguished and traditional establishments in Berlin.

His desire for healthy food and good nutrition led him to Mexico where he worked as Chef at the Mexican Institute of General Immunology and Immune Oncology A.C. (IMIGIO) in Guadalajara.

In 2008, the Solmar Group offered him the opportunity to travel to Cabo San Lucas, to develop a new phase of the Italian cuisine for this important company. He started as Chef at El Galeón Restaurant (2009) under the command of the Executive Chef Raffaele Di Maio.

A year later he became Executive Chef of Romeo & Julieta Ristorante, where until now he welcomes all to enjoy the combination of traditional Italian food with innovative techniques and flavors of Italy.

Félix López

Felix Lopez. He has served the restaurant well since its beginning in 1986 in many capacities and currently is Captain of Romeo & Julieta. He has an uncanny way of remembering patrons’ names, even if they have not been in the restaurant for several years.

He wows the guests with his flaming Mexican coffee ritual and Caesar salad made at table.

Gustavo Enriquez. He has been the bartender since 1989, having learned how to mix drinks from books.

His favorite drink to concoct is the “Julieta” of which he is the author and a favorite of the patrons.

In fact, the entire cocktail menu is primarily his creations.

Solmar Hotels & Resorts

Francisco “Paco” Bulnes. Son of founder, Luis Bulnes, is now owner and C.E.O. of the Solmar Group. The kitchen chefs are well trained for their particular stations. The uniformed wait staff, many of whom have been with the establishment for many years, attend the tables serving water, pouring wine, making suggestions, and readying the makings for the famous Caesar salad made tableside. The entire operation is a well-oiled machine.